This service is available for those with a peaked interest in developing their artistic skills, these will include more focused lessons based on technical skills within art. However as targeting well-being is a major part of what we do at The Medela School, lessons will also include space for participants to destress using art. Currently our lessons are focused on the area of landscape and nature painting, with hopes to expand to other areas of art in the future.

Lessons will vary based on clients skill level and interest in the art style/area but we recommend a minimum of 6 weeks worth of lessons to get you to the next level of your art journey.

Key skills you will learn:

Mixing and blending colours

Creating a foreground and background in different landscape sceneries [e.g sunset, forests, beaches etc]

The art of light and shade

Painting silhouettes

Still-life nature objects [e.g fruits, flowers etc]

How to build texture in your work


Each lesson will last 2 hours at £30ph. You are welcome to pay per lesson or pay for 6 lessons at once. We also offer a discounted taster lesson for £40 just so you get a sense of what a lesson will be like