About Us

Our work aims to bridge the gap between creativity and wellbeing focusing on preventive care. How can we help people manage their day-to-day emotions so they don't accumulate and affect their mental health?

At The Medela School art is a powerful tool that can be tailored to individuals and communities to give the autonomy over their well-being journey

Founded by Oriana Jemide, a visual artist and therapeutic art life coach, who is passionate the tangible impact creativity has on people not just through consumption but creation.

She is focused on empowering people through therapeutic art, creative education and entrepreneurial self-development.

What does a world look like where art is no longer viewed as just for art’s sake but seen as tool to provide healing, bring together communities and becomes a viable and respected career path for those who want it? This is her life’s work and some of what you will encounter at The Medela School.