Our Values

Art as an act of education and well-being

Safety & Inclusivity 

Our work is open to people of all ages, genders, race, we hope to create spaces that are welcoming, comfortable and safe for every person we host. 

As we embody empathy and compassion as an organisation, we want to encourage all our participants to do so as well. To us everyone deserves to feel valued, heard and seen and this is what we want to promote with creativity and well-being at the core.


With every event, meeting, workshop we hope to create a space where people can connect and build long lasting relationships with creativity and well-being at the centre.

As an organisation, separate from our class services, we will be hosting on-going workshops/meet-ups that foster community. We believe everyone needs someone and we want to be a part of making that happen.


Sometimes you hear people say they are not creative, we believe this is to be untrue. Whether or not you have a creative craft/skill or not everyone has creativity inside them. If you have an imagination, then you are creative. 

We aim to encourage everyone to tap into their creativity for play, for pleasure, for the sake of improving your skill. Wherever you place yourself, we want to be part of adding more colour to your life. 


We understand that we are all unique individuals and have varied ways of expressing ourselves. Our aim is to create room for every personality to be embraced through their expression, for some that may not be through vocalising and this is why we have art! 

With us there is no pressure to speak, just create what feels true.


We want to empower more people to look after themselves in practical ways. As an organisation, we want to dispel myths around emotional and mental well-being and make it more accessible to everyone. Through our content and classes we hope to provide you with more digestible ways to experience well-being. 

We are not therapists, although we do work alongside some to make our work more efficient. If you are looking for more in-depth work around areas of trauma, we encourage you to seek out therapy or counselling.