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Our Values

Art for joy, for education and for wellbeing


The Medela School is open to people of all ages, genders, race and backgrounds and we aspire to create spaces that are welcoming, comfortable and safe for every person we host. 


To us everyone deserves to feel valued, heard and seen and this is what we want to promote and instil in our community. 



We believe everyone possesses a creative flair, whether or not you have a craft or skill. If you have an imagination, then you are creative. 


Our aim is to create room for every personality to express themselves and we have no barriers for entry - any skill-base is welcome!



We want to empower more people to take care of themselves and priorities their wellbeing. 


Through our content and classes we hope to provide you with the knowledge to feel better and learn skills to take away with you to help in your growth and wellness.


We are not therapists, although we do work alongside some to make our work more efficient. If you are looking for more in-depth work around areas of trauma, we encourage you to seek out therapy or counselling.

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